Online signature tool


An automated tool working with cronjobs, which fetches specific documents using the Carerix API and sending them to employees and companys, in order to be signed on the web. The original documents is being merged with the signature (and details of signature) and is uploaded to Carerix automatically. This way, the employment agency does not come between anymore and the status of a job is begin updated once all documents are signed by all parties.

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JVD Media te Assen
html, css (bootstrap 3), javascript, php, ajax, xml, SOAP
Winter 2015

Because the layout of the tool had to be simple but stylish, I used the Bootstrap CSS framework as a basis, with custom CSS on top of it. Wkhtmltopdf is used to create a PDF summary of the signature data (date as well as username and emailadres) and the signature itself. Eventually, PHP PDF merger is used to merge the contract PDF file with the PDF file containing the signature.


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